The Whiskey – The Ignored Witness (8 March 2019)

William Stokes, the editor of the Port News, made four extraordinary claims in 1975;

  1. Billy McCulkin through Vincent O’Dempsey, conscripted the so called Clockwork Orange gang to torch the Torino club for $500 as an insurance job. Mrs McCulkin had admitted to her husband’s role, and O’Dempsey’s role was confirmed at the 2017 McCulkin rape/murder trials. The figure of $500 was also confirmed by one of the gang.
  2. Garry Dubois and Vincent O’Dempsey abducted, raped and killed Mrs McCulkin and her two daughters. Both were convicted for murder, and Dubois for rape. O’Dempsey was not convicted of the rapes due to insufficient evidence.  However, O’Dempsey is a known paedophile. In 1959 he was convicted for the ‘aggravated assault of a sexual nature of a female child’.
  3. Billy McCulkin, through Vincent O’Dempsey, conscripted elements of the Clockwork Orange gang to torch the Whiskey. After reviewing all the original police murder investigative files I concluded Stokes assertions made sense. Jim Finch admitted Orange member Tom Hamilton was in the car that was used to torch the Whiskey.  John Stuart repeatedly warned Detective Basil Hicks and reporter Brian Bolton, before both the Torino and Whiskey fires, that the same group would burn both nightclubs.
  4. Hannay masterminded the entire plan. The claim was reiterated in 2015. I concur this is the most likely scenario and have listed the reasons here

This is a hell of a strike rate, yet in the last 46 years no detective has ever interviewed William on his assertions, which proved eerily accurate during the 2017 McCulkin murder trials.

Stokes was never approached during the O’Dempsey/Dubois trails and has not been for the upcoming Whiskey inquest.

This makes no sense.