The Whiskey – Whodunnit? (16 March 2019)

There were three levels;

  1. At the bottom of the food chain was John Stuart and James Finch. Stuart’s role was to provide the extortion smokescreen.  Finch, a professional firebug, torched the Whiskey.
  2. Billy McCulkin recruited Stuart, his best criminal mate. After Stuart was released from jail in mid 1972, the two were inseparable. Serial killer Vincent O’Dempsey, recruited McCulkin. McCulkin and O’Dempsey had previously organised the Torino firebombing, an insurance job. Well before the Torino and Whiskey fires Stuart had told multiple people that the clubs would be bombed by the same people. He also intimated members of the so called Clockwork Orange would be involved. Members confirmed their involvement with the Torino and Finch said Tom Hamilton assisted in the Whiskey arson.
  3. The Whiskey was torched for financial reasons, this is the only scenario that makes sense. Ex manager John Hannay had the motive and track record to instigate the fire.