William Stokes Conviction Should be Reviewed (11 July 2021)

William Stokes was convicted of Tom Hamilton’s murder and spent many years in jail.

He accurately said Vincent O’Dempsey and Garry Dubois murdered the McCulkin family, and McCulkin and O’Dempsey organised the Whiskey fire. He said this in 1975.

Yet until this article was published in The Australian, the police had no interest.

Until this year, 46 years after his revelations, the police had NEVER bothered to ask him about what he knew.

Ironically, after being ignored, he will be a star witness in the second half of the reopened coroner’s Whiskey Au Go Go inquest.

Stoke’s conviction was based on NO motive, NO evidence, NO body, and cops who fabricated evidence.

Would Stokes be convicted today based on these criteria?

A rhetorical question. Stoke’s conviction needs to be reviewed.